These Countries Are Offering VISA Free Entry to British Citizens after BREXIT

One of the perks of being part of the European Union is that citizens can travel between the EU states without any VISA. This led Europeans to work easily cross borders and also let tourists visiting Europe to roam around in a more free way. However for British citizens, this all changed when Brexit happened. Before Brexit, Britain was part of EU’s Freedom of Movement and British citizens could travel to other EU states without the requirement of a VISA however as Britain is no longer part of the EU, the visa requirement will be brought back by most or even all of the EU states. Right now British citizens can still enjoy freedom of movement till 31st December 2020 but after that the travelling laws will change drastically. However there is nothing to worry about. The British passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world and you will still have many countries where you can travel without any visa requirement.


Canada and Britain share long lasting and healthy relations. Both countries speak the same language which makes it easier for British tourists to understand the country’s law while they are travelling there. In addition to that, Canadians are considered as one of the friendliest and hospitable people in the world, which itself is a great reason to travel to Canada.

South Korea

South Korea is one of those countries that have shown that you can achieve everything with hard work. A few decades ago, it was a war stricken country but now it is one of the most progressive and technologically advanced countries in the world. In addition having a rich history, the country has great food and an even greater nightlife. As a British citizen you can visit South Korea without any visa requirement and you can enjoy a very economical trip.


The South East Asian countries are very popular amongst international tourists. Places like Bali and Jakarta have tourists all around the year. In addition to that you will get a great exchange rate. So if you are looking for an affordable travelling experience with a visa free entry, Indonesia is the place to go.


Britain has been advocating to get Brazil a permanent membership at the UN Security Council. However that is not the only show of love you see between the two countries. The Brazilian law allows a visa free entry for British citizens and with both countries sharing a common love for football, Brazil can be a great destination for British tourists.


Israel is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. Every year, thousands of British citizens make their way to Israel. Some travel for fun while others travel for religious reasons. No matter the reason, you will not need a visa to travel to Israel. Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its rich history can be traced back to thousands of years. This makes it a really significant destination to visit. In addition to the historical and religious sites you can also enjoy warm and beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv.

These are just some of the countries that will allow visa free entry to British citizens after the EU stops freedom of movement. However there are many other countries where you can get e-Visa or Visa on arrival. So you shouldn’t worry that freedom of movement has ended, instead you should take it as an opportunity to visit other beautiful countries in the world.…

The Top 7 Religious Travel Destinations

Religion plays an important role in people’s lives. Millions of people organize their lives according to the teachings of their religion. This is why they visit the religious sites of their religion as well to get inspiration and learn more about their roots. We have compiled a list of the top seven religious travel destinations for you to check out below.

  • Vatican City

Vatican City is extremely important for the Catholics because of the presence of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Saint Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest church for the Catholics. This is why it is known as the greatest church in Christendom. Apart from the church, there are many Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel that you can visit while you are in the city. 

  • Mecca

Mecca holds great religious value for Muslims all over the world. The Great Mosque of Mecca or more commonly known as the Kaaba is located in Mecca. This mosque holds great value for Muslims all around the world. According to Islamic traditions, Muslims should pray five times a day while facing the Kaaba. All the Muslims are expected to perform the annual pilgrimage at the Great Mosque of Mecca once during their lifetime.

  • Jerusalem

Next on our list of the top seven religious destinations is Jerusalem. While you are in the city, you can visit the Temple Mount as well. The remaining wall of the Second Temple stands at the Temple Mount which was destroyed in 70 CE. This Western Wall is known as the most important Jewish place to pray. Apart from this, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are also located on the top of the Temple Mount that are important religious sites in the Islamic faith. Jerusalem is a very unique religious destination as it is important for all three major Abrahamic religions.

  • India

India has many important temples of Hinduism which makes the country one of the top religious travel destinations. Among many prominent temples is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi which is one of the most important temples of Hinduism. This temple is located at the western bank of the River Ganges and holds great importance for the Hindu pilgrimage. Apart from this, the Golden Temple is also located in Amritsar, India which is considered as the most important place of worship for the Sikhs.

  • Japan

Japan is known to have roots of the Shinto religion. The practitioners of this religion find spirituality in everything. The Ise Grand Shrine is also located in Ise, Japan which is a significant place of worship for the people of this faith. This temple is dedicated to Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun.

  • Acre, Israel

Israel is known to have the shrine of Baha-u-llah in Acre who was a founder of the Baha-i-Faith. His shrine is known to be the most sacred site for the followers of this religion. This is a popular religion that teaches its followers to work in harmony with everyone.

  • Egypt

Egypt holds religious significance for the followers of many faiths including Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Mount Horeb in Egypt holds great significance for the followers of all three religions as they believe that this is the mountain where Moses received Ten Commandments from God.

So, whether you are on a spiritual journey or want to learn more about your religion, you can visit these places and discover the different religions. …

Is It Safe To Travel To Russia

Russia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is also the least understood. The global media and some aspects of Russian history have crafted a somewhat reserved or even negative image about the country. The truth is entirely different. The portrayal of Russia in the media, especially in the western media has given birth to a sense of fright in the hearts of international tourists. In reality, Russia is a country filled with rich history and an amazing culture. The people are also very kind, friendly and welcoming.

The Metro Cities

Each and every country in this world has something to offer to international tourists. Like all other countries in the world, Russia is also very beautiful and an amazing place to visit. It has a lot of historical sites and a rich history that spreads over centuries. Before you visit Russia, you should do your research. A detailed research will tell you that all the bad things you have heard about visiting Russia are just propaganda. Yes, decades ago, when the region was called the Soviet Union, you could say that there were certain unsafe regions in the country however over the years the country has remarkably improved its security and safety situation. Cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are two of the most visited cities in the country. You will find many international tourists in these cities. The best part about these cities is that you will find a lot of police officers on the street. So there will always be a sense of security when you are out there enjoying the beautiful places.

Regions with Political Instabilities 

Most of the cities in Russia are quite safe to visit for international tourists however there are some regions in the country that are considered unsafe for any type of travelling activities. These places aren’t just dangerous for international tourists but also for the citizens of Russia. Places like the Ukrainian border where the Russian forces have clashed with Ukrainian forces can be dangerous for tourists so it is better for travelers to stay away from areas that are considered unsafe to travel or where political instability has disturbed the security situation.

Always Have Your Documents on You

When you are in Russia, try to have you documents with you at all times. Even though the police is there to protect the citizens and tourists but sometimes the police might stop you to ask for documentation so as an international traveler you need to have your passport with you at all times.

Should You Travel Alone or With a Tour Group?

If group tours aren’t your thing and you are someone who is looking to visit the country alone then there is nothing to worry about. Russia is a safe country for solo travelers. In fact you will find many solo travelers from neighboring countries like China. So if you want to enjoy a solo travelling experience in Russia then don’t let the misconceptions ruin your plan. Research everything yourself and move ahead with your plans.

At the end, we can say that contrary to the common belief, Russia is a safe country to travel to. If you have reservations then you can guarantee your own safety by thoroughly researching and planning for your trip. There can be certain unfortunate incidents but those can happen anywhere in the world. In fact some travel experts even consider Moscow to be a safer city as compared to many prominent cities in the western world.…