These Countries Are Offering VISA Free Entry to British Citizens after BREXIT

One of the perks of being part of the European Union is that citizens can travel between the EU states without any VISA. This led Europeans to work easily cross borders and also let tourists visiting Europe to roam around in a more free way. However for British citizens, this all changed when Brexit happened. Before Brexit, Britain was part of EU’s Freedom of Movement and British citizens could travel to other EU states without the requirement of a VISA however as Britain is no longer part of the EU, the visa requirement will be brought back by most or even all of the EU states. Right now British citizens can still enjoy freedom of movement till 31st December 2020 but after that the travelling laws will change drastically. However there is nothing to worry about. The British passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world and you will still have many countries where you can travel without any visa requirement.


Canada and Britain share long lasting and healthy relations. Both countries speak the same language which makes it easier for British tourists to understand the country’s law while they are travelling there. In addition to that, Canadians are considered as one of the friendliest and hospitable people in the world, which itself is a great reason to travel to Canada.

South Korea

South Korea is one of those countries that have shown that you can achieve everything with hard work. A few decades ago, it was a war stricken country but now it is one of the most progressive and technologically advanced countries in the world. In addition having a rich history, the country has great food and an even greater nightlife. As a British citizen you can visit South Korea without any visa requirement and you can enjoy a very economical trip.


The South East Asian countries are very popular amongst international tourists. Places like Bali and Jakarta have tourists all around the year. In addition to that you will get a great exchange rate. So if you are looking for an affordable travelling experience with a visa free entry, Indonesia is the place to go.


Britain has been advocating to get Brazil a permanent membership at the UN Security Council. However that is not the only show of love you see between the two countries. The Brazilian law allows a visa free entry for British citizens and with both countries sharing a common love for football, Brazil can be a great destination for British tourists.


Israel is one of the most visited countries in the Middle East. Every year, thousands of British citizens make their way to Israel. Some travel for fun while others travel for religious reasons. No matter the reason, you will not need a visa to travel to Israel. Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its rich history can be traced back to thousands of years. This makes it a really significant destination to visit. In addition to the historical and religious sites you can also enjoy warm and beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv.

These are just some of the countries that will allow visa free entry to British citizens after the EU stops freedom of movement. However there are many other countries where you can get e-Visa or Visa on arrival. So you shouldn’t worry that freedom of movement has ended, instead you should take it as an opportunity to visit other beautiful countries in the world.

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